How Conscious Health Coaching was born…

In about 2005 I began my journey into coaching people to change and get better results in their life. I studied many different schools of thought on the matter but in the end I was only able to help people at a surface level. I wanted to effect people at a much deeper level and so my search continued for the keys to unlock people’s ability to heal themselves with “alternative” means.

It wasn’t until about 2010 when I studied Dr Hamer’s work about how all physical ailments are tied emotionally in mind and that true healing could not occur unless both aspect were resolved.This piece of the puzzle helped me realize that emotional shocks are often the triggers that set off dis-ease and illness and as a result I was able to help people heal themselves much more effectively and efficiently.

I knew I was on to something, so I took a deep dive into Dr. Hamer’s work. When I met Richard Flook in 2014 my practice made a total shift that would eventually help me provide an amazing foundation for what would become the Return To Wholeness method.

In 2016 I would face my own healing crisis having to face cancer in my own body and the final piece of the puzzle came to me through another mentor Joseph Takuski.

While working with him on my spiritual growth he shared with me, that the difference between one healer over another and one method over another had a great deal to do with the energy level of the healer themselves rather than the techniques. Two healers of very equivalent training and skill levels could get very different results. In essence it doesn’t matter how much training you have or how many skills, if you aren’t in that healing state yourself the results will only be temporary.

Gratefully and diligently I was able to put all these pieces of the healing puzzle together and Conscious Health Coaching was born and I used it to heal my own cancer into full remission without traditional means.

Today I share this wisdom with both personal clients and coaches alike for great success and healings. If you are ready to get to resolve what ails you for good, take the first step and see the power of my propriety healing system Return to Wholeness for your self.

Glenda Johnson, RPT, MCHt

Master Coach Of Conscious Health Coaching