Return to Wholeness Audio Experience by Glenda Johnson

The Quiet Room – Kids

Help your children find calmness in the chaos of their daily lives within just 4 minutes. A must-have for parents who are looking to help their children develop strategies to cope with school, relationships and boost their overall mood. (4mins)


The Crystal Waterfall

Change can be a powerful opportunity much like a waterfall that drains away the cares of your past and reminds us that we always have a choice to make a change. Allow Glenda to take you on a short trip to the crystal waterfall. (20mins 23sec)


Quiet your Monkey Mind

Overthinking everything lately? Join Glenda as she takes you to a tropical island escape where you can stop over thinking everything and start feeling like yourself again. (20 mins).


Eliminate Anxiety for Professional Worriers

Anxiety can prevent us from living fulfilled lives with those we love. Let’s eliminate anxiety with a calming and empowering 7 minute guided exercise designed to fit in with your daily rising routine (7mins 3 sec).


Clear Your Money Blocks

Glenda takes you through a simple process releasing some common limiting beliefs that you may have picked up from your childhood, or run in your family. Overcome the internal blocks that have been restricting your earning potential, realizing your worth, and discovering that you are enough. (44 min)


The Return To Wholeness Audio Experience Bundle

The Return to Wholeness Audio Experience Bundle – Glenda’s All-in-One Solution Get access to all of Glenda’s audio experience collection and save 50% with the Return to Wholeness Audio Experience Bundle. This package includes the following items to provide you with over 3 hours of content! Clear Your Money Blocks The Crystal Waterfall Eliminate Anxiety […]